When Feng disappeared I invited Thai crucian carp



When Feng disappeared I invited Thai crucian carp

I posted a picture post, everyone take a look~
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
215158486 Comment: This fish is a bit neurotic,
QYqq001 Comment: It looks a bit monotonous
Lucky Superman Comment: Is Feifeng dead?

When Feng disappeared I invited Thai crucian carp Blue Dragon FishClear the dust with the wind Comments: Thai crucian carp eats much, always grab food
a277469421 Comment: Swim fast, eat fast
dj.368 Comment: Two days at home is okay. If you dont fight, sometimes you are a little nervous. You can swim fast. You can eat the leftover food of the arowana and clean the bottom of the tank.
xm2351 Comment: Why did you die by hitting the cylinder?
ghao040427 Comment: Excellent effect
9915181 Comment: This fish does not seem to be good, the evaluation has not been high
dj.368 comments: missed hit the cylinder and died
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