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  tzml563 Say:
Yuyou Yuan is so deep me Say: What about the picture?
Yuyou?ruthless? Say: Good fish appreciated.But dont so many fish fight together?It seems that the state is not very good.
Yuyou LDianG Highlights Say: OK, look
Yuyou tzml563 Say:

Try again B over gold arowanaFinally, I dont know what the reason is, cant I release it that day?Halo LDianG highlights

  OK, look
Yuyou LDianG Highlights Say:
Your operation problem, when you paste the URL to the video, you need to click on the blank space of the post, and then paste it into the video. After the completion of the post, you will pop up a URL you paste on the blank, so that it succeeds了 tzml563

  Finally, I dont know what the reason is, cant I release it that day?Halo, cant it be released that day?gosh
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