Will the three fats be high?



Will the three fats be high?

Will the fish fat be too high?Are those bad if they are too high?
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
:べ.Zhen Comments: A little fat.Its a little fat.
Luoxuan 001 Comment: Okay, but unfortunately you cant overdo it, just like it!
Wanru Life Comment: Gold is beautiful
Falling down 001 Comments: Haha, hard to buy money is good!
ˋ庝qq Comment: I really like it
Luoxuan 001 Comment: Thank you!
Luoxuan 001 Comment: Feed shrimp and fish before 30 cm, and start feeding loach after thirty-five!
Luoxuan 001 Comment: Haha, I bought it for five hundred yuan, and it was 20 centimeters when I bought it.
Luoxuan 001 Comment: It has always been cultivated by the all-white scene. I originally wanted to change the black scene, but it was too much trouble to think about.
Luoxuan 001 Comment: Thank you!
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