Which God knows how big the fish eyes?The same question three



Which God knows how big the fish eyes?The same question three

Which God knows how big the fish eyes?The same question three Orange Red Arowana
Koi are settled, the three goldfish eyes have such a problem, how is it?The three raised for a long time, let the dismay of die.Want to know the great God to give an idea.Save it.
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LCoIuuuo aquarists said: Koi eat, with koi goldfish can not polyculture
Yang Kun glass fish lovers say: you buy a water quality testing reagents, primarily to detect nitrite, if the filtration system is not strong, most of denitrifying bacteria can not be converted to nitrite, nitrate, nitrite will be according to accumulation of excess nitrite, the most important feature of a fish eye is swollen performance.Raised a few years, then check main filter, about half a year whether there is a new one filter, nitrifying bacteria can clog the filter holes after the death of the fine, according to new bacteria can not mount.First tested the water quality, confirming the problems, do not blindly treatment, if it is determined that excessive nitrite, for one-half of the new filter, replace the water one half-cylinder.
Lamog4h aquarists say: poor water quality, and quickly sterilization insecticide, oxytetracycline after treatment!
@ Ey1CV aquarists say: the goggle-eyed
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