Polyculture fish of trouble came in the map



Polyculture fish of trouble came in the map

See of the more recent maps that look good, but read a lot of information online, said the amount of feces was amazing and even a map and some say bad fish tanks, it really so serious? Cylinder I 150 * 64 * 70, bottom filter.


Another point, really be able to identify the owner what the map?See an article that is not a stranger to watch it swim around, the owner came immediately swam even give you touch???

======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Wang Zi River City aquarists said: Map is actually very fun kind of fish..Spiritual.Parade.A long time is also very lively, and interactive owner.But must pay attention to feeding.Do not feed more.It is easy to gastrointestinal disease
W2x92uA6 aquarists said: polyculture with Silver Dragon may, but is not recommended with gold, red dragon mix, too easy to dirty water.Map temper temperature together, there are grumpy.Bad temper see who bites .
sky Turbot lovers say: like to do
Hao Ge brother male rabbit fish lovers say: twice his size would not bite the dragon, and the dragon almost can dry out and die.
Longan nuclear aquarists say: someone who has, advise you not to keep the map, too late to regret
zsj725 aquarists said: diligent point no problem
Prepare a human cannon fish lovers say: eat can pull the map, his mouth full of still snatch, a person close to chasing its tail, is not afraid to touch.
Faith tBBB6 aquarists say: there is the most important thing to forget, it will bite Arowana
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Whenever WC this happens......

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