Zhangzhou Changtai Tianzhu Mountain 1-Day Tour from Xiamen (Sea World Happy World)



Zhangzhou Changtai Tianzhu Mountain 1-Day Tour from Xiamen (Sea World Happy World)

5. There will be some small vendors selling local specialties on the way to the scenic spot. Please be careful when shopping. You must grasp the quality and price. Once the price and quality problems occur, our company will not be responsible.

  6. The goods you booked may contain high-risk items (such as swimming, rafting, diving, skiing, etc.), please travel according to your own conditions, and fully refer to the relevant announcements and suggestions of local relevant departments and other professional institutions before participating;

  2. Pick-up instructions: This product does not include pick-up, you need to gather at the designated place in Xiamen Siming District or Huli District to get on the bus.If there are more people in Haicang District, Tongan District, Jimei District and Xiangan District of Xiamen, vehicles need to be picked up outside the island.

  1. Preferential policy: height 1.Children under 2 meters (excluding) enjoy child price, height is greater than 1.Children 2 meters (inclusive) are charged at the adult rate.The product has been accounted for according to the preferential policy, and special certificates such as senior citizen cards, military officer cards, teacher cards, and reporter cards will no longer enjoy preferential or half-ticket policies.

  3. Without reducing the number of scenic spots, our agency has the right to adjust the itinerary in sequence. If the itinerary is delayed or changed due to the tourists own reasons, our agency will not bear the losses and responsibilities caused by it.Take care of yourself.

  Go to Tianchangtai Tianzhu Mountain Happy World Tourism Resort, adjacent to Xiamen, Tianzhu Peak 933.1 meter, it stands in the transition zone of the Xia-Zhang small plain. Because of the thousands of strange stone Saga, the perennial cloud locks the mountains, and the rich natural resources, it has created the three unique natural landscapes of Tianzhu Mountain-strange stones, clouds, and original ecology.

  Happy Ocean World Shark Museum, Tianzhu Mountains ocean spectacle giant screen, there are more than 300 species of marine life, nearly 15,000 fish, it is still very strange to build such a large-scale aquarium in the inland mountains.

  Tianzhu Mountains original rich and changeable ecological forest can be seen everywhere with the symbiosis of forest trees, vine plants and bryophytes.Strolling through the forest trails, tall trees, covering the sky and the sun, in a variety of poses; the sweet water, the gurgling sounds of spring, the elegance.

  4. If you choose to participate in part of the itinerary, the unfinished part will be deemed to be abandoned by you. If you leave the group halfway, do not eat, etc., our agency will not refund any fees.

  2. For reservation orders, the full payment must be paid within the payment time limit. Payments beyond the time limit will be regarded as invalid payment. The system will return the payment to the original payment account within 1 working day. You will receive a confirmation email and SMS after successful purchase;

  6. Visitors are requested to sign up for children according to the agreed standards (such as height and age). Please take care of all consequences arising from false reporting and concealment. The related losses will also be borne by the tourists.Refers to children who are free of tickets, that is, our price does not include the cost of tickets. If you need to make up for the reason of height, please make up the difference by then.

  7. It is recommended that you purchase travel accident insurance and other insurances yourself, which can protect your life, body, property or related interests during short-term travel accident insurance and emergency rescue insurance;

  After you make a successful reservation, our tour guide will contact you one day before your departure to verify information such as the place and time of pick-up, and please keep your mobile phone unblocked.

  The Tianzhu Mountain Reclining Buddha is carved from a strange stone with a prototype of a natural reclining Buddha. The body of the Buddha is white like jade, which is auspicious reclining.万佛塔位于天柱山南麓,总面积6000平方米,七级八面,上是五层天宫,下是二层地宫,塔内设有步梯 和电梯,塔外有栏杆相倚,

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每There are four levels of corridors, with views on all sides, overlooking from the fence, the mountains are stacked, the mountains are the same, and you can have a panoramic view.
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