The Albino Pearl stingray ranks among the rarest of all freshwater stingrays yet seen in the hobby. A good-sized adult makes a truly incredible sight. The Albino Pearl stingray exhibits the most vibrant patterns and colors of all the Potamotrygon stingrays. The base color of this stingray is completely white and their patterns range from a reddish-copper color to a bright and almost orange color. The white base color of the Albino Pearl is so strong that even in deep water; the stingray seems to illuminate its surroundings. 

These exceptionally rare stingrays have very limited supply. Due to the extraordinary scarcity of albino stingrays, we can only offer very limited supply for special and serious customers. These albino stingrays are one of main highlights for any freshwater aquatic showroom. 

We are one of the few suppliers of freshwater stingrays in the world that can supply these extremely rare stingrays. Currently there are only a few of these Albino stingrays in the world.

Every Albino Pearl stingray is covered by our Dead on Arrival (DOA) policy and comes with a health certificate issued by the Fisheries Department of Thailand to guarantee that all our stingrays are 100% healthy.


SianLon Aquatic is established in the 1970s. For more than twenty years, SianLon Aquatic has concentrated on improving the quality of Arowanas and at the same time expanding the breeding stock. In 1994, the company has succuessfully expanded its breeding stock to over one thousand Arowanas and has achieved great success in breeding F2(2nd captive breed generation), F3 and even F4 Arowanas. In the same year, SianLon Aquatic has gained approval from CITES(Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) to export Arowanas to other parts of the world. Since then, SianLon Aquatic has exported thousands of quality Asian arowanas every year to customers all over the world.

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