silver arowana sizeTanying|Restoration and Reinstatement Road of a Foshan Agricultural Products Whol



silver arowana sizeTanying|Restoration and Reinstatement Road of a Foshan agricultural Products Wholesale Market

The main customers of all kinds of agricultural products stalls come from schools, factory canteens, restaurants, restaurants, and the resumption of production in these places is directly related to the business of stall owners.In this process, there are several key policies that are of great significance to the market.

  Shen Xiaolians stall is located at the entrance and exit of the aquatic products trading area. A row of large basins containing various aquatic products are placed in the stall.When the reporter came, he was feeding bait to eel."In the past two weeks, there have been more and more people in the market, but they are still dominated by individual customers, and their purchasing power is relatively limited."Shen Xiaolian said.

  "People in restaurants and restaurants come to buy meat in the early morning.When the business was good in the past, we could close the work at 5-6 in the morning."Victory beef stall owner Chen Feng (pseudonym) said, now selling a little slower, but all can be sold out.

  The Central-South Wholesale Market is located near Foshan Railway Station and has a large daily flow of people. It is the largest agricultural wholesale market in Foshans main city.On March 19, the reporter visited the Central South Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in Foshan City to explore the impact of the epidemic on the agricultural products wholesale market, and experienced the sweet and bitter taste of the stall owners.

  On the 19th, the reporter saw at the meat stall of the Central-South Wholesale Market that the retail price of ribs was 43 yuan/jin; the black chicken was 8 yuan/jin; at the aquatic product stall, the conch was 36 yuan/jin, and the belt was 16 yuan/jin.; At vegetable stalls, local cabbage 4.5 yuan/jin, watercress 2 yuan/jin.

  Foshans accelerated resumption of production and production has produced a good effect in the wholesale market.A month ago, only half of the stalls opened in the Central-South Wholesale Market.At present, the fixed stalls opened in the market are about 65%, and temporary vendors can reach more than 80%, and the overall sales volume has reached about 70% before the epidemic.


  The Central-Southern Wholesale Market is one of the sources of the agricultural retail market in Foshan. The prices of agricultural products here will directly affect the prices of agricultural products in various supermarkets and small markets in the urban area.

  As the market manager, Kuang Juming, executive deputy general manager of Foshan Zhongnan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., has been closely watching the changes in market business."A month ago, only half of the stalls opened in the Zhongnan wholesale market.Kuang Juming introduced, "The fixed stalls that are currently open in the market are about 65%, plus temporary vendors can reach more than 80%, and the overall sales volume has reached about 70% in the past."

  Foshans catering industry has resumed dine-in grading, but consumers are still more conservative."I think that when the epidemic is completely over, consumers will not choose large-scale dinners in the short term, and restaurants will also implement conditional meals and pay more attention to hygiene.Pan Guoliang said that this period may become a short period of consumption fault, but if you persist, it will definitely get better.

  Two days later, Foshan officially resumed production and production on a large scale, and the demand for agricultural products of various units rose.At the end of February, Foshan introduced a policy to promote the orderly resumption of production and production in the catering industry, which is a decisive policy.As of March 15, more than 10,000 catering service units have resumed production in the city, and the rate of resumption of enterprises has reached 100%.

  One of the sources of Huang Zhenwei, a vegetable supplier in the Central South Wholesale Market, is Yunnan.At the beginning of the outbreak, vegetables were unable to be delivered due to local traffic control.

  On March 9, the Guangdong Province Wildlife Protection and Management Regulations (Revision Draft for Consultation Draft) was published on the official website of the Guangdong Provincial Peoples Congress.It specifically prohibits the consumption of wild animals and other terrestrial wild animals under state protection, including artificial breeding and artificial breeding of terrestrial wild animals, as well as other wild animals prohibited by relevant laws.

  With the large-scale resumption of production and production of enterprises, the catering industry has gradually returned to normal, and the agricultural wholesale market has gradually recovered, but the stall owners are still facing no small challenges.

  Since the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress issued a "Decision on Comprehensively Prohibiting Illegal Wildlife Trade, Eliminating the Abuse of Wildlife Efforts, and Safeguarding Peoples Health and Safety", all sectors of society have paid close attention to which animals are allowed to be eaten and which are prohibited.


  The Foshan Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau has issued a work plan around the “vegetable basket" of stable production and supply of agricultural products to ensure that agricultural products are “produced, transported, and supplied during the prevention and control period."

  "On the third day of the New Year, almost no one comes to buy meat. Up to now, we can sell about 3 pigs a day."Li Meiqing smiled and joked with the stall next door, "We are all waiting for the school to start, and the restaurant is completely back to normal, so that the business will be completely better."”

  Foshan has also stepped up its enforcement of wildlife.In the South-South wholesale market, stalls selling snakes, frogs, and quails have disappeared."The stall owners who used to make a living selling frogs and snakes have already transformed into selling fish and tape."Kuang Juming said that although the wild animals in the market were all artificially farmed before, they are prohibited from being sold in the list of wild animals fasted by law.

  The agricultural products wholesale market is connected to two ends, one is rural and peasant, and the other is citizens dining table and vegetable basket.Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure the supply and stabilize the prices of agricultural products in the market during the epidemic.After the outbreak, the Foshan Municipal Government spared no effort to protect the farmers and ensure the stability of the "vegetable basket".

  From the production, wholesale, transportation, processing, storage, distribution, and sale to the table of every citizen, every link affects the final pricing.

  Since February 8, the Office of the New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters in Foshan City has successively issued notices to support enterprises in resuming production.It is required to fully protect the industries necessary for peoples lives, such as supermarket stores, food production, logistics and distribution, and other industries, as well as the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to resume production.

  In response to traffic issues, various departments in Foshan have jointly implemented superior policies to prohibit illegal activities such as card interception and traffic interruption without authorization from local peoples governments at and above the county level to ensure the smooth transportation of agricultural products during the epidemic prevention and control period.

  During the interview, the reporter found that many stall owners reported that compared with the same period last year, the current sales volume has not yet recovered 100%.However, compared with the beginning of the resumption of production and production of Foshan enterprises, the current business is slowly climbing.

  At 1:30 in the morning, the meat trading area in the wholesale market (hereinafter referred to as "Central South Wholesale Market") of Foshan Zhongnan Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. was brightly lit.

  Pan Guoliang, a vegetable supplier at the Central-South Wholesale Market, believes that due to the psychological state of consumers, it will take time to recover, and there will be a period of sales gap, which he calls a "fault period."

  "At the beginning of the outbreak, there was a problem of poor transportation.The traffic gradually returned to normal in late February, and vegetables could be shipped quickly.Huang Zhenwei said.

  According to Kuang Juming and others, although the market business is constantly improving, there are still many difficulties to quickly return to the scale before the epidemic.
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