Can you see if I can raise Desa?

As the title says, there are now one dragon and four tigers in the tank. Recently, at Luo Ding, I saw that Desa was deeply attracted. I also wanted to raise it. Can I mix it?The arhat fish is too territorial, will it fight with dragons or tigers.
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hyb1234 Comment: It seems that there is no way to mix
user8734 Comment: First, Arhat does not recommend polyculture.Second, good Desa is expensive, and it only takes 4-5 thousand to look at it. Do you have the heart to mix it?
doublebbs comment: definitely fight, its better to keep it alone.
379852363 Comment: So many fish are not recommended for polyculture
sunlei910 Comment: Will definitely fight, it is best to keep a single husband, so as not to hurt both sides
dongdong3345 Comment: Actually 80 is enough, ··
Bai Shou changes to Bai Shou Comment: It is not recommended to raise like this
Big slag comment:
Mine is 1 meter*0.5 meters*0.The 6-meter bottom filter is currently barely enough, and it is just appropriate to raise one.
If you do 1.2 meters, it will not be too large, the key is the width, it must be larger.
hyb1234 Comment:
Oh, thank you?Luohan single raising, is 1 meter tank enough?
dongdong3345 98% will!There is always a protagonist in a fish tank. Arowana is the protagonist, and the arhat cannot be raised. The arhat is the protagonist. The arowana is bitten badly.Monoculture is a wise choice!··
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