Asian Arowana Guangdong to Zhuhai Ocean Park



asian arowana Guangdong to Zhuhai Ocean Park

1) Depart from the starting point to the south direction, drive 220 meters along Jixiang Road, after passing the Yuexiu Real Estate Building on the left side for about 120 meters, turn right into Zhongshan 5th Road

  2) Drive along the ramp 1.4km, go straight into the Zhuhai Link of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge) Follow the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to the Zhuhai Link, exit at the Hengqin/Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, turn slightly right onto the ramp

  12) Drive along Fangcun Avenue East 2.0km, cross the Hedong Interchange, toward Dongsha Avenue/S39/Dongxin Expressway, turn slightly right into Fangcun Avenue South

  5.Drive 660 meters along the Guangzhou Ring Expressway, cross the main bridge of Lijiasha Bridge, towards Chencun/Ronggui/Guangzhou/Zhuhai, turn slightly right into Shunde East Interchange

  1) Drive along the Guangao Expressway 15.2km towards G94/Pearl River Delta Loop/Gongbei/Hengqin (East), turn slightly right onto the ramp

  6.Drive along Shunde East Interchange 1.4 km, go straight into the west line of Guangzhu.Kilometers along the west line of Guangzhou-Zhuhai, towards Shaxi/Zhuhai, turn left slightly into the ring road of the Pearl River Delta.Follow the Pearl River Delta Loop Line, cross the Guangzhou-Zhuhai West Line Zhongshan West Interchange, and go straight into the Pearl River Delta Loop Line.Follow the Pearl River Delta Ring Road for Hengqin/Zhuhai/Macau/Hengqin Chimelong, turn slightly right to enter the Guangzhou-Macao Expressway
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