regret 24k Golden Arowana

  Added a 2*0.85 cylinder, I regret to send away my gold and silver, I dont know if you a few are safe now.[kuaikule]If you dont send away, you should grow up a lot now.+had.========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Chunguang mustard Yuyu said: do you practice hand dragon?
Fish farmer 8 Yuyou said: The water is not very good.
Uncle LONG Yuyou said: Ask how much temperature is set in your aquarium heater?
What kind of feed koi feeds is not muddy(
Can koi feed chicken feed^
What kind of feed do koi eat at what stage?)
Which feed is good for koi in winter&
Koi fish food granulation method!
Koi fish food production method#


Comm tank 6x2.5

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Knowing the Wild Angelfish by TAS member

Limited Edition Farm Cs fishes are final

tiger fishSuper Red Arowana and Stingray