I am a fish



I am a fish

I am a fish Silver carp of Taipang Sea

  A happy fish[keai][keai][keai][keai]========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Water Wizard 520 Yuyou said: Yes!!!!
Smiled sadly Yuyu said: beautiful
Water Curtain 999 Yuyou said: Red
Zhou Xiaoyao Yu Yu said: Red
What about my Ote Egg? Yuyou said: booming
Shanxi Seaview Muhua Yuyou said: Red burst
Sun Zhiyue Yuyou said: beautiful
13780493488 Yuyou said: Yes
Lettuce fungus said: beautiful
sky treasure Yuyou said: beautiful
How to choose little red dragon·
Does the dragon fish turn the light on or off at night
Turn on the light on the night when the arowana enters the tank;
Super blood little red arowana picture@
Does the golden arowana need to turn on the light at night,
Is the light for raising arowana on 24 hours.
How to choose Indonesia Red Dragon+
Does it take 24 hours to keep red arowana
Red arowana turns on the light for several hours every day\


Testing my red aro grooming skills :p

Fishing Scene at Sianlon arowana fish farm

Okay, I am just taking a break for a whi

191212 a very sad day .

Queen's Sail


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