Although you dont have red grain first

I have nothing to do on the weekend to go shopping with my daughter-in-law. At 8:30 in the evening, next to the market (Dongmen Seafood Market), walk around to pick up some cheap fish and feed the dragon.One yuan per catty, there are only two catties left.

  Go home and wash it, go to the shrimp gun, shrimp tail, and the scissors go up (the process is too bloody to stop the picture)

  After cutting, pack separately, two small bags, put in the refrigerator to refrigerate

  It is completed within an hour before and after, and it is very cost-effective to do your own food and clothing, not artificial, but the key is fresh, safe, and rest assured.

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  Friends of Longhu said: You can buy it for 20 yuan, which is cheap

  Christopher said: Good food!!
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Sharing my XB and his friends!!

My old F2 BD Pair more pups!

My Doradidae Families Cats Collection

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