About fish tank configuration



about fish tank configuration

Hello everyone, I would like to ask if the secondary drip of the bottom filter is necessary. The secondary drip boss said that there will be two pumps. I think it is too complicated. There are ultra-white on all four sides. The bottom is 15 ordinary glass, differentHow safe is the glass stuck to a piece, 1.5 dragons on all four sides, 12 thick glass, right?There are specific details to see if you buy a cylinder
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Small depth of field Comments: The water is circulated once on the bottom filter.
四平-亮子 Reply @萌qq: Almost, it is a large dry and wet separation chant
萌qq Comment: Reply @四平-亮子: The trickle is almost the same as the dry and wet separation
Siping-liangzi Comment: You can trickle first and then enter the bottom filter, you dont need two pumps, remember to reserve the overflow
Meng qq Comments: Thank you all
Longer Obedient Comment: I dont think its necessary.
zhangchao522 Comment: Trickle does not quite understand.No problem with glass.
Minglong Aquatic Trade Comment: It is recommended to buy a professional dragon tank or polyculture tank
Minglong Aquatic Trade Comment: Buy fish tank must buy the right size.The Red Dragon must be at least 750 wide. The bottom filter must be large. The material of the cylinder must be good
The snail has no shell Comment: The bottom filter of the Bot cylinder is the second tricklemirage tankvkgame
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