Piscilla hairy Novice ask questions



Piscilla hairy Novice ask questions

Piscilla hairy Novice ask questions SUPER RED AROWANA

   The water I put on December 3, the fish under the 5th, today feels a little bubbles on the water surface, and feel sticky, the water temperature has been 20 degrees -20.At 5 degrees, the water in the tank is still very clean, and the fish are also eaten and lively. Does this matter?[fadai]Ask for advice Shanghai Baoshan District, Shanghai========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Small gray gray NfiS Yuyou said: It is normal for fish to have mucus and bubbles on the water. After adding oxygen, there will be bubbles on the water. You can use an oil film processor to remove the mucous membrane.
Xiangyang giant Yuyu said: Such a small tank is suitable for raising tropical fish
#No Yuyu said: Is your tank better than raising a lampfish or a guppy
Twilight Chao 001 Yuyou said: There is nothing in the filter box.
__ Old Wu next door Yuyu said: This heating rod is a bit big, right?
Papaverradicatu Yuyou said: Is it bad for you to make a landscape?Goldfish is really not suitable.Lets go on and say that you are not filtering enough.
leepriest Yuyou said: The fish is early, you can change one-fifth of the isothermal water every day. After the nitrification system is established, you can change the water twice a week, because your water is easy to be damaged.
Parrot fish feed a few millimeters,
How to use parrot fish red medicine*
Quail feed formula"
Common disease of tropical fish red parrot.
Six-day red senior blood parrot feed@
Blood parrot fish redness sinking fish feed:
Baozeng Redfish Feed)
What feed is good for guppies


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