I heard that fish farmers are good men



I heard that fish farmers are good men

I heard that fish farmers are good men Thick frame red dragon fish

   Let me show you today that if a man raises fish, he will definitely do housework!After all, after changing the water and washing the cotton. Who wants to sleep in the lobby[daku][daku][daku]========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  A Liuye Yuyou said: Really!
Its not cold uC0TB Yuyou said: Engage in hygiene
Relax 004 This ~ pretend
Long SIR Yuyou said: Good man
Zhou Xiaoyao Yuyou said: Is it leaking?
Fatty with fish every year, Yuyou said: Do you not agree if you dont show my broken trousers?
13780493488 Yuyou said:
Grassroots hero Yu Yu said: A successful man will not use a mop, he will only use a rag.
The fish of Shadow Song Yuyou said: The mop is a bit low and you can see at a glance that you do not do housework often.
Red Dragon Red Yuyou said: the truthOut of two male and one female crown
Will ten bite stingrays:
What are the fish similar to arowana&
Dutch Phoenix Ball and Mini Parrot%
How long is the ingot Phoenix$
Why do dragon fish bite stingray"
Stingrays are not kept alone~


city harvest case continue to harvest.

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