About Koi feed

Keep 6 koi by yourself.Want to buy online.Do you have a trusted Taobao store? At least the feed is not mixed with water, and the fish love to grow fast.

  = (Comments from Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends) =

  Department of Architecture Say: Dolphin Silvers Zengkang is good, please find it on Taobao,
Yuyou amateur me Say: Not bad
Yuyou struggle qq0033 Say: Help top
Chubby tiger Say: Taobao Sales The more expensive you can accept, the better!
Yuyou Mugu Morning Clock Say: Yike aquarium is good, the quality is guaranteed
Yuyou Yu Say: I think dolphins are good, fish love it
Yuyou lj720520 Say: In this altar fish friend Sanshunsheng, Taobao has a store, agent unified brand fish food, authentic.There is also a unified fish food agent also distributed by Boqi.com.I have bought both.
Yuyou aabbcc001 Say: Ike aquarium is good
Fish Friends Zhou Pengweixin Say: Thats okcarvannacarp farming uk
Red Arowana WeChat,
Lianyungang second-hand red dragon fish transfer~
Henan personal transfer red dragon fish%
One meter red arowana price and pictures*
Red dragon fish bow back^
Red Arowana lighting problem:
Red Dragon Fish Beauty Pageant photos!


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