Siam giant carp (national treasure) The sun shines



Siam giant carp (national treasure) The sun shines

Siam giant carp (national treasure) The sun shines Aquaculture Forum

  Good morning========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Targeting the entire fish pond, Yuyou said: This filtering is great
After taking care of the carp, Yuyou said: Yes, the water is small
Yidenglongmen Yuyou said: This tank is good
Dry Mountain qq Yuyou said: Shuiliangyuhuan, praise one.
Yuyue Xingfei Yuyou said: good filtering
Butterfly carp Yuyu said: beautiful
Shantou Cai Xiansen Yuyou said: What is the other tank doing?
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Dragon fish water temperature 32 degrees?
How to distinguish golden arowana from red Arowana@
Golden Arowana and red arowana cross!
Is the water temperature of 34 degrees for arowana OK,
The lowest water temperature of Golden Arowana.
Is it a golden dragon or a red dragon
Can Golden Dragon and red dragon be raised together
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My favorite IT :-)

just to share my little xbcomplete fish

Newly set up 110g

Baby BBXB ate a bad piece of shrimp....

Baiziguan knife seedling