Chinas largest aquarium ranked top7 Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (top five records)



Chinas largest aquarium ranked top7 Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (top five records)

  This park is the only marine park in China that consists of multiple layers and multiple tubes. It is one of the largest marine and polar theme parks in China.The polar animal display area is made up of cute penguins, polar bears, arctic wolves, and arctic lions, which is very suitable for parents to visit with their children.

  The healthy growth of a child is indispensable for the company of the parents. Accompanying the child to play is also a kind of growth education for the child.Nowadays, many parents and parents are worried about not knowing where to take their children during the holidays. In fact, going to the aquarium is a very good science education. Below are some of the largest aquariums in China.


  Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park was built by Haichang Group with a huge investment of more than one billion yuan. It pioneered the independent domestication model and created a new pattern of domestic composite leisure polar ocean park. The park integrates the magical and beautiful polar style into the local leisure tourism characteristics of park has artificial ice and snow landscapes, artificial seawater and other high-tech high-speed operations, so that polar animals can also live leisurely inland.


  Hong Kong Ocean Park is one of the largest ocean parks in China.It is a world-class theme park integrating sea and land animals, mobile games, and large-scale performances. It is also the worlds most popular theme park with the best number of visitors.It takes a day to visit the park and is the best place for parent-child activities. There are pirate ships, ferris wheels, roller coasters and so on.

  Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom used advanced technology and experience, independent innovation, adopted the worlds top technology, world-class level and complete management physique.At the same time, it won the Guinness record of the five major worlds, including the worlds largest aquarium and acrylic glass.In addition, there are a lot of cherished marine animals here, and there are many large-scale performing arts, it is worth a visit

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  Dalian Shengya Marine World is one of the most romantic and largest marine theme parks in China. It faces the sea and creates a refreshing and comfortable comfortable experience.At the same time, it has merged five venues including Ocean World, Polar World, and Coral World, Deep Sea Legend, and Dinosaur Legend. There are dolphins, beluga whales, and shark shows all year round.

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  Changfeng Ocean World is one of the national youth science education.At the same time, the aquarium has also launched many activities such as undersea night accommodation, undersea birthday parties and undersea dinners, which have achieved good corporate brand awareness and commercial returns.

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  Beijing Aquarium is currently the largest inland aquarium in China. There are many aquatic animals in it. It has introduced the worlds advanced life-support system and uses artificial seawater.The Beijing Aquarium also has a strong marine animal performance group, whose members include dolphins, whales and sea lions.


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