Three Ratfish of the Emperor What should I pay attention to when preparing a new tank to raise koi?



Three Ratfish of the Emperor What should I pay attention to when preparing a new tank to raise koi?

I have been playing with shrimp before, changed my house and got a big tank ready to raise koi cared for enlightenment 1: How long does it take to cultivate the digestive system like shrimp for 20-30 days? 2: A few days after the water injection, can I go to the tank?I have said it for 3-5 days, but based on my previous shrimp farming experience, I personally feel that at least I need to cultivate a good digestive system for the fish. I dont know if there are any mistakes? 3: Do I need potassium permanganate soak after new fish is bought?How long?What is the proportion of potassium permanganate added? 4: Do you need to put a small amount of salt to disinfect the main tank water after entering the fish?1500?How much is suitable for the 500 cylinder? 5: What are the water quality requirements?How to adjust if it does not meet the standard?(NO2-3 can be adjusted by changing the water.Soft and hard is also pure water + tap water adjustment, PH?) 6: What are the daily beneficial additives? 7: Does the filter material need to be covered with the bottom filter box? Please answer these questions with experienced old drivers, thank you
Three Ratfish of the Emperor What should I pay attention to when preparing a new tank to raise koi? golden arowana priceGolden Arowana
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@Ey1CV Yuyou said.The lower filter chamber is best to engage in a dry and wet separation box, which is raised above the bacteria cultivation chamber, and two sand head air pumps are used for oxygenation.Place the filter material in the cultivating tank along the direction of water flow.Add a germicidal lamp to the pump compartment.Three days after adding nitrifying bacteria, do not open.Will be killed. 2.The cultivation of the digestive system requires a process. Give it 1 full oxygen, and it will be successfully cultivated quickly. Generally, it will be added every half a month, depending on the size of your fish and how many.Washing cotton frequently and changing water (one quarter at a time) are useless.Add salt in the tank to stabilize and explode oxygen.One piece of chlorine dioxide effervescent tablet.Full of water for half a day or a day.Sleepy! 3.2ml of potassium permanganate plus 5 liters of water bubble bath, 3 to 5 minutes. 4.Put salt, cylinder length x width x height.There are formulas on the homepage, come in proportion. 5.Water quality requires a PH value between 6 and 8, with 7 being the standard.It takes time to adjust and nourish the water. There are filters (coral bones) to improve water quality. 6.The probiotic extract is beneficial to the digestive system of fish, antibacterial peptides enhance physical fitness, antibacterial, disease treatment plus blue, yellow powder, white salt to improve water quality. 7.The filter material does not need to cover the bottom, leave some space, do not block the water flow square sentence.Let nitrifying bacteria have space, full oxygen, and better flow. Hope it works!I just saw the time you posted it.
The corner of the mouth is rising, Yuyou said: I just want to know how much is the brand of the tank, haha
A5V5bVxd Yuyou said: New tank, no filter material, fill with water, pour a bottle of white vinegar, pump circulation for three days, let go after three days, wash the tank, add water, use denitrifying bacteria, add threeOne third, add three days in a row and release fish. After three days, add denitrification every other day. For one week, you can add denitrification once a week.
The happy dragon and phoenix carp said: Good tank, drip box and make effective use of it.The brush under the sedimentation bin and the 2KG Maifan stone under the water pump bin are invincible.
殷雄剑 鱼友说:三到五天就可以培养硝化细菌,气泵灯准备好,锦鲤耐受力很强了,不用闯缸了,不建议高锰酸钾,Three Ratfish of the Emperor 你的缸没有强排,而且你This is a brand tank. The environment for making the tank is not bad. Directly sterilize the tap water. If you see the water temperature is low, turn on and heat it to 28 degrees. If you add salt, do not use blue powder or yellow powder. After one day of tap water, the salt content is close to one thousandth.One, then drain half of the water after two days, continue to add water and add salt, you can fish in about three days, the water quality is that the fish adapts to your water, not the water adapts to your fish, otherwise the amount of engineering is huge, the ph is generally weakly alkaline, and the ph does not have to controlThe bacteria house is originally an alkaline material, and the hardness does not need to be adjusted deliberately. The hardness of the tap water is 15 to 20. If you dont add anything, try not to add it. You are filtering in four grids, two in the middle, and one in half., Put two-thirds of a grid, and the two-thirds of the grid is near the end of the pump. The most important thing is to buy fish and lively koi. Try to buy them on the spot.
Chao Yunfei Yuyou said: You can ask these questions to show that you are already an old driver. The habits of fish farming are different, but the main thing is to get the water right. These questions can be Baidu.
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