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   Its hateful to talk about it, and its even more hateful. I believe that many fish friends will encounter such problems, but it is indeed different to be able to make unremitting efforts to change. Here is a short story about this fish.Today, a year ago, this red dragon came back from Indonesia, and I raised a small pocket in it. Its been a little since I was a kid, and Im sure Im done. This is probably the experience of most players.But this is not the case. As long as you have the heart, what about the inherent defects?I started an in-depth study of the development of the arowanas head and began my journey of callback.After a year of practice, Tianshengdou basically returned successfully! Finally, let me just say a few words. The methods and experiences shared last year on live broadcast are feasible!The growth of the head is directly related to water quality, water temperature, water pressure, and nutritional mix. Food delivery skills are very important.Its almost over 300 words.Dont let go of the dragon with a long mouth, there are records and truth========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Monlogue_O Yuyou said: I would like to ask the gods, should I feed the big piece or the small piece to improve the mouth?
Longshenglong 666 Yuyou said: I have followed, I hope my seniors can share their experiences!My fish has been pocketed for less than 35, and I have pocketed three!
Ziyu 粑粑 Yuyou said: re-text sharing techniques?
24k Dianshuai Yuyou said: I havent seen the arowana in the later period.
Huagong Haolong Yuyou said: My mine is also pocketed, how to adjust it?Ask for advice
Parrot Baisuishan Yuyou said: Great
I am repairing a fish pond in the capital
Tian Ji Fei Yun Yu You said: Learn
Beijing Laoning Yuyou said: Come on!
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Red Arowana is better than Qiaoyu:
Which brand of Red Dragon is good/
Which brand of dragon fish is good.
Red Dragon in Surabaya and Red Dragon in Cayenne?


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