I think I chose her right



I think I chose her right

I think I chose her right Pikonni fish

  Some people said that when this red dragon arrived home, it was so-so. We have few red dragons. Anyway, it means that it is not very good. At that time, the color was not red yet.Thirty centimeters, NEC pure white light, no lights of any color, the boss said I picked up the leak, two meals a day, it was thawing prawns and loach at night, it was grass gold at nine oclock in the morning, eating or rubbing,Since the fight when I bought it was all about hurting the boss and giving it to me cheaply, saying that I had missed it, how many meters did my friends guess?[ciya][ciya][ciya][ciya]========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Amo Yuyou said: Stick to this original intention
Eddy Hao Yuyou said
How to raise 2 cm colorful fish(
How do colorful fish breed@
Saury fish polyculture video,
How many colorful fish is best)
Where is the ingot phoenix fish/
How appropriate is the water temperature of colorful fish$
What kind of feed do colorful fish eat?&
Taobao can buy colorful fish#


DFI 24K squirt

big scary fishGobies

small xback floating with its tummy faci

My Blue Base Cross Back

CFIA (Aquatic Animal Health) Permit ....


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