Aquarium is the fishs home to quickly teach you how to choose aquarium novice must-see



Aquarium is the fishs home to quickly teach you how to choose aquarium novice must-see

the aquarium is the fishs home.The shape of the aquarium varies, including rectangular, single arc, three arc, spherical, bullet-shaped, semi-circular, cylindrical, wall-mounted, coffee table, embedded type, etc.

  Aquariums can be divided into a variety of materials due to different materials. The most common one is the aquarium made of glass, which has the advantage of being cheap.Moreover, some glass processed by special process can achieve super white effect and high transparency.

  Mini fish tank; usually placed on a desk.Mini fish tanks have various shapes, and can be heart-shaped, apple-shaped, or glass bottle-shaped.Elliptical shape, etc., to facilitate close-up observation.However, due to the small size, heating rods, lighting and other equipment are generally not provided, so it is not conducive to the growth of fish in the cold winter, and even the phenomenon of death will occur.

  Tempered glass aquarium: The advantage of the tempered glass aquarium is its high strength. It is usually widely used in aquariums of more than 3 meters in size.The advantage is that after being impacted by an external force, it is immediately in the form of small pieces of broken particles, and the edges are rough, which reduces the harm to the human body, but the price is relatively expensive.

  You can use a magnetic brush to clean the aquarium, or a special algae remover for the cylinder wall, or gently scrub the cylinder wall with a clean cotton cloth.Do not scratch the aquarium with force to avoid scratches on the cylinder wall, affect the viewing effect, and even cause the aquarium to rupture.At the seam of the glass, the silicone glue that adheres to the glass cannot be damaged with a hard tool, otherwise water leakage may easily occur.

  Medium-sized aquarium: the specification is between 60 and 200 cm, and the weight of the water body when it is full of water is 100 to 600 liters. It is a common aquarium in the family and is easy to maintain.

  Among the many aquariums, rectangles are the most common, and it is relatively easy to add landscaping, maintenance, and related equipment, but lacks personality.

  Plastic and glass fiber reinforced plastic aquariums: Plastic and glass fiber reinforced plastic aquariums are not commonly used, but are used as temporary holdings when breeding large fish. The disadvantage is that the ornamental effect is poor, and the plastics and other materials will affect the water quality after long-term immersion.Has an adverse effect on fish.

  Due to the placement of the aquarium, the humidity in the surrounding air will be relatively high. In addition, the aquariums air pump, circulation pump and other equipment will produce a certain amount of noise, which will affect sleep, so it is generally not suitable to be placed in the bedroom.

  Large aquarium: When the water is full, the weight of the water body is more than one ton, and the specification is generally more than 2 meters.It is generally placed in a large living room and a large conference room, and is used to raise large fish such as arowana, or a large aquatic aquarium.This type of aquarium is difficult to maintain.

  Plexiglass aquarium: Plexiglass aquarium has the advantages of easy shaping, small quality, and not easy to break. It is usually used in small fish tanks, or fish tanks with a shape that is difficult to achieve with glass materials such as rings and half moons. The disadvantage is that it is used for a long time.Later, under the action of light and water, it is easy to yellow and affect the viewing effect.In addition, the surface is prone to scratches and cannot be eliminated, and the price is relatively high.

  In color, the aquarium has milk white, space silver, black, bronze and so on.The wall-mounted aquarium can also use natural wood as the theme structure, blending into the atmosphere of nature.In addition, the coffee table type, wall-mounted type, and wall-mounted type can be made of stainless steel, organic glass, glass paint and other materials as the frame.Of course, this should be in harmony with the environment.

  When placing the aquarium, pay attention to whether it is convenient to use the power supply and water source, and whether the surrounding space is easy to operate.Finally, the placement of the aquarium must be coordinated with the environment, including the coordination of color tone, size and size, and the coordination of fish species.stingray包包
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