Big fish little fish come together



Big fish Little fish come together

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  TATA001 Say: Just give me one
Yuyou cj588 Say: All are good fish, beautiful, praise one~~~
Yuyou13580531831 Say: Where is the landlord?Fish is beautiful, is it sold?
Yuyou Xiangyu 001 Say: 1 Pretty!Drooling
Yuyou 13651265559 Say: like
Yuyou na.Happiness style Say: Every time the landlord took pictures of the fish is beautiful, but I dont know if I can afford it
Jinyou Ming Carp Say:
Yuyou God Restricted Zone S Say:
Yuyou 13802196666 Say: enjoy
Dragon fish friends selling blood: reply to the post of zhangkehui1127
Thank you. I thought tiger fish was sick. I"m worried!! ha-ha
Xcdcxq fish friends: wait for experts together
Zhangkehui1127 fish friend: tiger fish has the habit of grinding the tank. Just add two porcelain pots to the tank and let it hide
Barley insect fish friend: not suitable for water quality. Just adapt


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Smini aquariumharing my new pair!

black on white and black on black. True

Kopi @ C328 anybody wanna join?

Sharing of my newly acquire L25


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