Ask about the temperature increase



Ask about the temperature increase

I have only recently started to play with goldfish. I used to play with tropical fish.For the treatment of white spots of tropical fish, it is generally the same as the old one. If the temperature is increased by 31 and salt is added, the small melon bug will naturally fall off.Then the question is coming, how to treat the white spots of goldfish, if I heat up 31.Then the goldfish is cold water fish, and more than 32 will die.Excuse me, how did the fish friends deal with this situation?

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krongwc said: It is also warming up, but it needs to rise slowly, 32 degrees water temperature goldfish is acceptable
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Dragon"s Paradise fish friend: arowana more than one year old, eat three days hungry one day. Even eating won"t fill it up. ...
Hong Kong dragon
XSQ fish friend: raising fish is to cost money, if the pain of electricity is afraid to raise arowana. !
Longxiang Jiuzhou fish friends: to control food, do not feed too full, hungry one day a week, conditioning appetite. Live arowana don"t like to eat dead food normal. @
Dinosaur fish friends: congratulations; Business is booming.
arowana tank
Add arowana special vitamins;


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