tropical fish Announcement of Winner List for Interview



tropical fish Announcement of Winner List for Interview

tropical fish Announcement of Winner List for Interview Piscilla hairy
Thank you all for your support of Baiyinmei. Congratulations to the following lucky fish friends for receiving this events gift: Dream long729 Zu Ge Ao Xue Feihong Youyou Baby Photography I have to love. The above 5 fishermen are required to provide receipt information before 24:00 on October 21st. Overdue will be deemed as abandonment of this winning qualification by default.Finally, thank you again for your support for Bainmei.Thank you!Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
Guo Miao Yu You said:
Sunshine Coast yl0j Yuyou said: Dingding
Youyou Baby Childrens Photography Thank you Baiyinmei, the prize has been received, mixed with fish feed for trial feeding, without symptoms such as refusing to eat and anorexia.I hope that the fish will grow up healthily, and I hope Bainmei will accompany you all the way!A bottle of Baiyinmei, happiness will follow forever!
The dog Yuyu of the Heitaro family said: I found out that as long as it was a lottery, I would definitely have nothing to do.It seems that the lottery ticket cant be bought
Three strokes and two paintings Yuyou said: Congratulations to the above
Ao Xuefeihong Yuyou said: Congratulations to the winner!Thanks Baiyinmei!
Youyou Baby Childrens Photography Yuyou said: CongratulationsAnd winning fish friends
Long Deshui﹏ Yuyou said: Congratulations to the winning Yuyou
Do you remember me Yuyu said: Congratulations
The heart of the army Yuyou said: Congratulations to Yuyou for winning
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