It turns out that it is the most beautiful when the light is not turned on



It turns out that it is the most beautiful when the light is not turned on

I went home for ten days and spoke for three days. I was in good condition. I could eat and pull. The key is not nervousness. Now I can touch it by hand.
I havent been able to shoot the original colors, and today I discovered the correct way to open it-the fish tank does not turn on the lights, and the natural light is the most beautiful!
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:べ.Zhen Comment: The background is reflected.
ghao040427 Comment: Really domineeringGood fish
ミ∩_∩尛俿 Comment:
ミ∩_∩尛俿 Comment:
ミ∩_∩尛俿 Comment:
Hualong Engineering Comments: Very beautiful, thanks for sharing
Feather Eagle 42 Comments: good
Gourmet Kitchen 001 Comment: thin frame on blue background
~ordinary hero~ Comment: Beautiful fish, enjoy it!
Mouth is hearty~ Comment: You can add it to the edema lampspecies
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