I have a colorful opinion



I have a colorful opinion

I have a colorful opinion Albino Koala ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheetI have a long time, write a little emotion.The following is the experience and simple concept of our colors.First of all, I first use a simple way to summarize the center of this article is: buy, water, food, temperature. Pay attention to the following: The first observation of the eyes of the fish, generally said that the age of the fish can be estimated from the eyes, the eyes of the fish must be proportional to the body shape, the eyes are too big fish, that is, the so-called old butterfishThe reason may be from small malnutrition, long-term sick, or in vivo parasites.How do you dialect the eyes of the fish too much?Generally watching the line where the fisheye is located, the fisheye accounts for one quarter of the whole line for the best time, and the first point is qualified. The second should observe the body type, the color of color is beautiful, because the fishs circulatory body, the fish is expressed, such a body type is called mango type, the reason is that the merchant is intentionally thin, causing the fish without survival is normal.In the environment, it is difficult to raise a round-filled body shape in the future, and the colorful body is to see the middle flesh, the round colorful abdomen is full, only the good colorful color will have a pleasing body color.And shape. The third is to see if the fat and the body are damaged. If there is damaged color, it is more timid, and it is actually the fish attack and his own nerves. So some friends buy it home and find that the fish is always hiding in the corner, in the fish shopIt is generally thin, but it is not thin to expose bones. Such fish generally have serious parasites, or late parasites, so even if further treatment is also difficult to save, healthy fish generally chase the phenomenon, and wear,Can bully other fish in the fish tank, there is a snore, the body color is normal, and there is no colorful and colorless, the colorful lines must be arranged neatly, and there must be no cross-phenomenon. After that, the color will be bright. Water quality articles: Simply, powerful filtration is often changed, and the daily water quality work is very important. Water Quality Test: The Color of Feeding should be observed at any time to observe the pH of the water quality, the changes in nitrite, etc., especially the pH.In theory, the colorful fairy fish is suitable for water quality pH at 6.0 ~ 6.5 between. Food articles: 2, colorful food: 1, mastic: with a large number of pathogens and parasites, after entering the watercuffs, these rapidly have rapidly rapidly rapidly in the tropical environment of your aquarium.Such as water, and algae spores. 2, frozen food: This food form can be used as auxiliary nutrient, especially those with appropriate vitamins.However, premise is that the treatment process of the fast-frozen bait is relieved, and it cannot be interrupted in the middle.But this is precisely that many fishmen cannot do. Whether it is a freezer or a refrigerator in the refrigerator, there is bacterial growth.There are bacteria in the food, most of the muscles and bacteria.In the low temperature of the refrigerator, it will only be suppressed and will not be killed.Just grow slowly.After the study, the cold-cooled bacteria will grow rapidly in a suitable low temperature environment.For example, "Yesta" bacteria "in the low temperature environment of the refrigerator, not only will not be suppressed, but also under low temperature environment, its disease ability is significantly increased, when consuming a certain amount of Yesta bacteriaIt can cause a disease.Yylbacteria can cause gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, which is more serious than ordinary enteritis diarrhea.So the frozen burger and passecticae are dangerous.Especially the food is longer, and the food directly edible.For safety, I also give up. 3, Hamburg: Many friends like to feed their own fresh colorful burgers, think that you can increase nutrition is conducive to the growth needs of colorful gods, and can add a variety of vitamin nutrients that are desired when making burgers.Indeed, Hamburg has many advantages, but its disadvantages are not overlooked - should not be stored for a long time, and because high nutrient content is very easy to corrupt water in water.Therefore, when you raise colorful, you should choose the appropriate food according to your own actual situation. 4 Granules Feed: It is conducive to colorful eating, one grain, not scattered.Disadvantages: It is easy to scatter in the sanding of the watercuff.Workaround: I use a submersible pump that isolates an 8 * 8 cm square side around the diving pump. As the payment area, such 80% of the particle feed will fall in this place and can initially solve this problem.Second method: When the bait is inserted into the water with a pipe, the feed is poured from the pipe, which can solve all the problems. (2) Tablet feed: Its structure is more compact, and the unit weight is higher.It is stable in the water, it is not easy to disintegrate, but it will slightly expand and become soft after immersion, but still maintain the original shape, can float in the water surface, not easy to melt, meet the water to be soft, the colorful eating, even if you sink into the bottom, colorfulIt can be eaten easily.I feel better than the particle feed. (3) Drug feed: Can be used to drive to the effects of parasites in vivo, can be fed two days a month to reach the insect-induced role. (4) Colummer-added feed: I like colorful nature, the colorful colorful color after the color looks always not very comfortable, so I dont have to use it. The above feed, I think it is a fisherman who is careful, not to take care of the color, or burgers, blood insects, and Fengnian shrimp are feeding, do not let the food monitors. Everyone encounters tricky problems on the road to play fish, please also consult me at any time, kang5541======== How to comment on Xianglong Aquarium League fish friends =====

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I have a colorful opinion Albino Koala ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet
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