Where is the flower bird fish and insect market in Tianjin



Where is the flower bird fish and insect market in Tianjin

Located in the southeast of Liqizhuang Street in Xiqing District, Weijin South Road and Outer Ring Road were originally a wine city, and are now transformed into a large flower market with free parking.

  Every Thursday morning, the main species in the fish market are: live chickens, live ducks, various retail fish, various cats and dogs, and various daily groceries.

  Located at the intersection of Qianlidi and Tingzigu No. 1 Road Extension.Many sellers only make stalls once a week, and many of them come from other places. They leave early in the morning, so those who want to see good things should go early.The price is cheap, remember to come here to buy something!It is recommended to go on weekdays because there are too many people on Saturday and Sunday.

  Located behind the Xikai Catholic Church.The best place for experts to buy flowers, birds, fish and insects, with a wide variety and good looks!The location is located on Baoji Road, very close to Binjiang Road, and there are not many places in the urban area where you can visit flowers, birds, fish and insects.

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  Located beside the No. 12 railway of Dongting Road in Hexi District, this family has operated various birds for more than ten years.In addition to the common small birds, the most distinctive ones are all kinds of large parrots, including yellow and blue diamonds, red and blue diamonds, sunflowers, hibiscus, fibular breast diamonds, and African gray parrots.

  The main species traded in the night fish market: the middle zone mainly sells tropical fish, peacocks, red arrows, golden dragons, jellyfish, blue sharks, etc.Buy amphibians and birds on both sides mainly include turtles, lizards, spiders, scorpions, various snakes, etc. On the other side, they mainly sell parrots, rabbits, grackles, and white rats. The scene is quite spectacular!

  The train station is south, along the intersection of Jianguo Road and Minzu Road, turn right.There are many people in the morning every day, and there are many people on the weekends. The vendors have fixed stalls and operate high, low, and high-end bird gear.The most beautiful parrots here are macaw parrots and macaw parrots.

  Under the overpass of Puji River Road in Beichen District, it is the largest flower, bird, and fish market in northern my country. The main species bought and sold in the fish market in the middle of the night every Wednesday: cold water fish, koi, red-headed cap, longjing.

  There are many plants and animals in the Dengfa Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Market. Of course, there are some other small items for sale, but most of them are still flowers and fish, especially fish. There are still many types, and there are many aquatic products related to fish.The price is also negotiable.

  Parking requires a parking fee of 5 yuan. Some experts believe that the Cao Zhuangzi Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Market is actually not cheaper than Baoji Road, and some are even more expensive than the citys flower prices.So need to be carefully identified!

  The flower market is like a botanical garden, and the product types are still very complete. All kinds of flowers, flowers, birds, fishes, insects, pets and pet supplies are also reasonably priced.There are several areas that sell ordinary domestically grown green leaf flowers. Each area is enough for you to visit the first half of e799bee5baa6e4b893e5b19e461 hours to forty minutes. The varieties are also super complete and can be priced.

  This flower, bird and fish market opened in the middle of the daily newspaper building and decoration city.Beside the Daily Building, No. 873 Dagu South Road, Hexi District (near Tianjin Daily Building)

  Buy and buy fresh cut flowers, first floor fish, tropical fish, various types of aquariums, second floor pet hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, turtles, lizards, birds, cats and dogs, cat food and dog food.

  There are many varieties of flowers here, enough to compete with Caozhuang Flower Market, flowers here are also cheaper than Caozhuang Flower Market, especially succulents are basically half the price!In addition to flowers, there are also jade, gemstones, fish and insects, and the goods are also delivered, which is very convenient.
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