Hello everyone i am parrot fish Huanhuanhuanzi



Hello everyone i am parrot fish Huanhuanhuanzi

1.Its been just a year since I came to Longding Yulin. This is the first time Im posting to ask for a group. 2.Its been a year and a half since I started fish farming. Two silver dragons, two blue sharks and five parrots have just started. There are now six gods of wealth in the tank. 3.The trick is really there is to change the water diligently. Regular quarantine. I change the water once every two weeks. One-third because the tank is two meters. Sixty. The fish are not too small and small.经验就是 一步到位 不管是鱼缸 设备 滤材 还是鱼,之前一次出差因为加热棒导致线路跳闸 鱼团灭,后来进了十只财神 因为着急下鱼 水没养好,水霉 头洞 多亏二哥帮忙指导治疗 死A few of them were not destroyed. 4.The dream of fish farming is a big golden dragon with six more gods of wealth.
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Hello everyone i am parrot fish Huanhuanhuanzi Asian ArowanaJing Jingcao Comments:
Ericv Comment: Good luck
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