Half a year video



Half a year video

This fish was in my hands on March 1st. From 18 centimeters to the current 32/33, the days of companionship for half a year witnessed its small change. 无论从喂食到换水 都做到始终如一(状态不好除外) 从灯光的一点点改变 到颜色一点点的上升 这才是我们养龙人的乐趣 见证一只鱼的蜕变才是红龙最大的charm. I like to see the changes of a fish in the form of videos or photos, and I will continue to update its performance.No location information
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Because I love comments: how much does it cost?
Juhuixinxiaogao Comments:
tropical fish Comments: Not bad
Immediately Comment: Such a beautiful fish, pay attention
Shanxi Xiaotao Comment: Beautiful,
Love rain dew comments: fierce enough
Juhuixinxiaogao Comment: good
Zero Comments: great changes
I am Nuan Nuan Comment: Beautiful
范特西_ Comment: Beautiful~

Half a year video Bat pomfretjellyfish
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