Golden Catfish Algae burst?Seeking advice



Golden Catfish Algae burst?Seeking advice

As shown in the picture, there is stuff on the coral moss.Seeking solutions, I hope there can be biological therapy.

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  CrazyWind said: step back on my own post: It may be the inexplicable bacterial film, which was eaten by the darkened black shell in the next week.

  The dog of the Heitaro family said: "Black shells can get it all day"

  yybm said: the most simple and practical means-frequent water changes to reduce NO3

  Childhood, paper plane said: the light is too strong every day

  eZ1tCclZ Dong said: dimming, shrimp

  CrazyWind said: By the way, ask me what is the bright green on the left.I only bought Coral Moss before, but later it looks pretty good.

Golden Catfish Algae burst?Seeking advice Bat pomfret

  LS-Ahua said: I also dont know very well, mine hasnt grown, but the shrimp is dead

  LS-Ahua said: Black Shell Army Black Shell Army
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