What disease three lake cichlids

Whats wrong with Ali?The body is white, is it sent out?
========Comments of Xianglong aquarium joining Yuyou =====
Yujun Tongle Comment: Bitten, infected with bacteria, like water mildew, lets have methylene blue
Troy-dingding Comments: It looks like it was beaten
Ahhhhh Comment: Water mold.
Snail comment: bitten
A Liuguo Comment: Like water mold!
Supreme Jewel 9527 Comment: Was there a trauma on the rear tail, was it bitten?Watch in isolation
Dianbaiyuyou Club Comments: Is it water mold?Cant see clearly
How fish breed%
How long does the purple Yanlong hair color?
Red dragon with purple background is still green!
Why is Ziyan Red Dragon so expensive~
Purple Yan Red Dragon
Purple Yanhong dragon Fin"
How to distinguish the purple and red dragon@
Lilifish breeding%
How do fish breed$


Aeration and Ammonia removal....

largest company in malaysiaSSB Tiger

New year update.

CanadaPlecos Xmas Sale



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