What to do if you have shortness of breath



What to do if you have shortness of breath

What to do if you have shortness of breath Stingray

   Just after changing the water, four or five little tiger seedlings were short of breath========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Time Machine 133 Yuyou said: Xiaohu is sensitive to water quality and temperature
16833996 Yuyou said: Change the water volume
Tianshui fish farmers Yuyu said: cowardly, scared
Liu Yang Shuaifu Yu You said: Will it be a temperature difference?
Sheep-fed children Yuyu said: I explode oxygen every time I change the water
Big tail 002 Yuyou said: Change water slowly before you get used to it
Ah oh yeah Yuyou said: its inappropriate to change
Lone Ranger 007 Yuyou said: Pay attention to each other.Learning from each other
Soaring Ly Yuyu said: too small
Ghost squinting sun eyes Yuyou said: six hanging six
What to do if parrot fish bites other fish$
Parrot fish biting parrot fish~
tiger fish bar%
Tiger fish over water)
Tiger fish keeps black*
How is the fish treated?
Why parrot fish bite other fish#
How to prevent parrot fish from biting fish%



My big comn of golden dorado

Aussie lungfish

My one and only

5.5 Kalimantan Red - YTL? (20140513)


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