Start of construction of 4 tons Koike in Shanghai October 25 update



Start of construction of 4 tons Koike in Shanghai October 25 update

I posted a post in the jar for help before, and later found a person who specializes in fish ponds to guide the operation. It has been raining in Shanghai these days, and digging soil intermittently.After the general outline comes out, it starts to drain the bottom row, 4 filter bins, it will not rain in a few days, continue to drain the sewage pipes of each bin, and start pouring the film.
Continue to update later.
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Sea Fishing EHTj0 Comment: Thank you for sharing, learning.
sky19791111 Comment: I wish you an early entry into the fish
Edward-ycj Comment: Not far from Sheshan.
soul00100005 Comment: The landlord, is this near Sheshan?
Peacock Color Comments: Whats the situation and how do all the comments show 2018?
Edward-ycj Comment: Thank you
Compaq fish pond purification Comment: Wow~ Its quite tossing, its not easy to see~ Actually, Compaq filter can achieve the same effect~ You can refer to it~
Rock X Comment: Very exquisite
God Forbidden Zone S Comment: Really good
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