Small silver arowana hit the cylinder



Small silver arowana hit the cylinder

This little dragons mouth is like this, how to deal with it to make it good, what method do you guys have
Small silver arowana hit the cylinder Leopoldi Variant stingray
======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====
L-H-R said: The water quality looks average
Shibin18 said: Just get used to it.
Rui Shijian said: bruised!!!
a277469421 said: Silver Dragon is not as good as Qinglong
Enthusiastic Ade said: It is estimated that he was bullied by other fish and ran a little
Amo said: Dont scare it.
I used to like tossing and saying: This water quality needs strengthening management
Long Er obediently said: Be careful not to be frightened as much as possible
Everything goes smoothly: say half on the first floor, keep good water quality, the rest dont care
ren001002006 said: Just get used to it.


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