Share a small white strip



Share a small white strip

Share a small white strip Red-hooked Silver Edition Fish

   分享一条小白条,目测23公分左右,没人看上,我觉得挺好,留下来培养,定期更新它的变化,看看它能否达到预期[yeah] 目前饲养参数:95×50×30(Water level) Pure white tank, upper filter, pump flow 700 liters/hour, 2700k ceiling light, feeding twice a day (fish food is feed, shrimp, small fish), change 1/3 water volume in 2 days, expected to be raised to 30 cmChange the cylinder around. Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  You Zou Zoukou Yuyou said: Like
Chinese Dream 009 feels very clean, with potential white
xihuanlongyu888 Yuyou said: This is the king of red element cost performance?Too attractive, but unfortunately no longer
Teng Teng Teng perfect, l
Thats how Yuyu said: Xiaobai is cute
Classical blue TNT Yuyou said: I think its so attractive!
Yulan Pavilion Red Element Official Number This is the red element boutique level seedlings, welcome to commentplaces that sell live crickets near me
Red Arowana doesn"t eat two shrimps,
Red arowana culture technology——
Red arowana breeding method video@
Red dragon fish is river shrimp, okay#
There are several colors of golden arowana
There are several varieties of red dragon*
Where is the wholesale market for ornamental fish=
Red arowana feed a shrimp every day.


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