A sick old classical gentleman



A sick old classical gentleman

Since November 15th, I have been living here since my home, and gradually exhibited the appearance of "middle-aged greasy uncle" over time[touxiao].This fish is also the longest lived in the history of raising Luo. Although it is old, it is still full of vitality!I have to sigh that the fish with acoustic blood is still very advantageous in terms of physique (compared to the pearls raised in the past, it is really a spike comparison).White dots appeared, along with a few red ulcers. Tried the old three, tried the yellow powder, tried the methyl blue, tried the gentamicin, but none was cured.It took these little bits to spend more than half a year without deterioration and improvement. 虽然这没有影响他的正常生活,但还是希望能有大神出招把他治好[peifu] 广东省深圳市南山区

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  JUYANWONG The old fish doesnt die and slowly fades away.Tribute to the old fish

  Da Nao Long Ding said: a little bit of the charm of heaven

  Qiu RMFAg said: Trichlorfon plus 100 must be sterilized by Gat

  ucC0OJ0z said: You are one year older than my family
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