I posted a picture post, everyone take a look
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
shibin18 Comment: Well mixed.
a277469421 Comment: Mixed well.
Enthusiastic Ade Comment: Come in and see, there are so many fish
zhj2711 Comment: Well mixed.
Everything goes well Comment: Come in and see
Longer obediently Comment: Come in and see.
Does Jinlong use black tanks or white tanks?^
Arowana has been kept in a black tank*
Raising a red dragon through a tank is good or white background"
Can arowana give black tank:
Arowana has always been raised on a black background)
Is the black tank suitable for raising gold dragons&
Jinlong has been raised in a white tank?
What happens to the black tank gold dragon(
Jinlong into the black cylinder


My old F2 BD Pair more pups!

Tung humbo cinema bp mall TWI


Sharing this Gold Aro

Baby BBXB ate a bad piece of shrimp....