Today I made a tie bar

The first fish farming has been annoyed by being stretched and hit the fish off the scales. Its not easy to read. A lot of posts are finally resolved. I cant let the fish get hit again. The material should be the bathroom glass door.第一次养鱼大神们我这是红龙么会不会发色啊 前两张是刚捞来后面是今天照的 会变漂亮吗

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Ji Guoqing said: Cant see the picture
Xiaoye 001 said: no gaie
Yueyue wei001 said: I have also taken care of it. To be honest, it is a psychological comfort.
xm2351 said: the anti-collision bar is still necessary, the jump cylinder will not fall
13994442221 said: Almost, its a bit useful
Jing Shou ゝ Na broke the situation and said: The water level also hit the distance so far from the lacing?
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u_758 said: Keep the water quality and restore it!
Chenxi 66 said: Not bad, good

  Good good good

  Reverse the time_say: yes
u_758 said: Keep the water quality and restore it!
Chenxi 66 said: Not bad, very good

  Good good good

  Good good good

  Wrong, good

  Good good good

  very good

  Good good gooddolphin音标
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