Want to raise large freshwater tropical fishPlease come in master



Want to raise large freshwater tropical fishPlease come in master

In addition, it is best to determine whether the purpose of buying fish is for viewing or breeding.If it is just for viewing, you can choose individuals with bright colors, long tail fins, and normal fin development; and if it is to cultivate good guppies, it is best to choose young and vibrant guppies, because fully mature guppiesThe caudal fin is large and the pattern is gorgeous, but it is not suitable for breeding.

  The second is potassium permanganate, which can be added directly to the fish tank.The drug concentration is 10 kg of water with 0.03 grams of potassium permanganate.0.The weighing of 03 grams of potassium permanganate is inconvenient.Therefore, first weigh 1 g of potassium permanganate fully dissolved in 1 kg of water, that is, dispense a thousandth concentration of the drug solution, store it in a Coca-Cola bottle for later use, and then use a straw or syringe to absorb 30 ml of potassium permanganate medicineThe solution was added to 10 kg of water, and the water was changed 24 hours after administration.However, it should be noted that for small tropical fish.Potassium permanganate is more toxic. After taking the medicine, pay attention to observe the activity status of tropical fish. If you find any abnormality, immediately rescue, that is, change the water in a large amount or remove the tropical fish.

  (5) Glass lamp barrel: Place the light bulb in the glass lamp barrel and sink into the fish tank for heating and lighting.The mouth of the glass lamp barrel must be 100MM above the water surface to prevent fish from jumping in.

  In addition, when buying a guppy, dont forget to buy another aquarium.The aquarium for keeping guppies should not be too big, generally 60 cm long, 30 cm wide, and 40 cm high. Also, be sure to test the water before buying to ensure that there are no leaks before buying.

  General purebred guppies have large individuals, large and stretched caudal and dorsal fins, relatively pure colors, distinctive features, and high selling prices, because the quality of their strains ranges from about 10 to 50 yuan per pair; andHybrids or degenerates are the opposite, and the selling price is relatively cheap. Generally, each pair can be bought for a few dollars.But for those who first raise tropical fish, it is more cost-effective to buy hybrids and degraded species, because this can accumulate a lot of experience in fish farming.

  (2) Water suction pipe: used to suck out the dirt on the bottom surface of the fish tank when changing water, and it is formed by connecting a soft rubber pipe and a glass pipe.The length depends on the height of the fish tank.Generally take one meter two to one meter five.

  All water in nature contains more or less different chemical components. Some chemicals directly affect the growth and survival of fish. Tropical fish have relatively high water requirements.Tap water, river water, well water, lake water, etc. can directly raise goldfish, but they cannot be used to directly raise tropical fish, otherwise the fish will get sick and even die.


  1. The drastic change of water temperature-the best temperature for tropical fish survival is 25℃, but different types of temperature requirements are different, some are as high as about 30℃, and some like 20℃.So on average, 25°C is a generally acceptable temperature.In addition, to avoid rapid changes in water temperature, generally allow a temperature range of 2 degrees.

  3. Types of feed—The food habits of tropical fish vary depending on the type, and can be roughly divided into three categories: animal, plant and omnivorous.Therefore, we must understand the type of fish in the water tank, what kind of food we like to eat, and feed them by category.

  The newly purchased fish can start feeding after getting used to the new environment. Generally, after putting the fish in the water tank for half a day, if it is found that the fish starts to peck the sand on the wall or bottom of the tank, it means that the fish can start feeding.Some fish refuse to eat when they change their environment, so they need to feed their favorite feed, and they can feed artificial feed and daily feed in a balanced manner.Pay attention to the amount and avoid the leftover residue, because the residue will spoil and destroy the water quality.

  2. The stocking density is too high-many people see that the aquarium can put many cute fish in a fish tank, so they also keep a lot of fish in the fish tank at home. This kind of feeding method, no matter what kind of fish will die.If you keep many different types of fish, you must consider the space available for each fish to reduce the number of fish.No matter what kind, there are many small fish in the tank, which is definitely not a good thing.The principle of raising tropical fish is very similar to that of raising goldfish. It requires that the water surface of the breeding is relatively wide, and it should maintain a normal ratio with the number of breeding to ensure that the tropical fish has an adequate oxygen supply.

  It should be said that among the many tropical ornamental fish species, the guppy is not a noble fish species, regardless of its price or the requirements of the surrounding living environment, but it is deeply loved by people because it is lively and beautiful.In particular, the male fish is more beautiful. The green-brown body is doped with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple colors, just like a rainbow in the sky, so it also has a nice name-rainbowfish.At the same time, because it has several small blue round spots on its abdomen, there are lighter colored rings around the round spots, much like the eye-like spots on the opening screen of the peacock, so it is also known as the guppy.

  The second is to add beneficial bacteria regularly.There are many types of beneficial bacteria, including photosynthetic bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, and Bacillus.Most of the products on the market are complex bacteria.For example, a product made in Japan called EM has more than 80 species of bacteria in four categories.

  Accumulation of organic matter such as bait and excrement in the fish tank can cause deterioration of water quality.There are two forms of organic matter in water.One is particulate solid organic matter that has not been dissolved, and the other is organic matter that has been dissolved in water.The dissolved organic matter is decomposed by bacteria and becomes toxic ammonia nitrogen and nitrite. If a sufficient number of beneficial bacteria (such as nitrifying bacteria) grow in the water body, it will decompose the toxic ammonia nitrogen and nitrite into non-toxic substances (Nitrate).Therefore, water purification has two purposes: ① filtering and dissolving undissolved solid organic matter; ② cultivating a sufficient number of nitrifying bacteria to decompose toxic ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in the water body.

  The first one uses water treatment circulation equipment.Large and medium fish tanks use circulating filtration equipment, and small fish tanks can use biochemical cotton.There are many types of commercial water treatment circulating filtration equipment, including built-in type, external type, etc., and they can also be manufactured by themselves. The general structure consists of three parts.①Cylinder shell made of stainless steel or plastic; ②Filter cotton, quartz sand, plastic biochemical ball or biochemical ceramic ring, etc. are placed in the cylinder; ③Small water pump and pipeline.The function of filter cotton and quartz sand is to trap large particles of organic matter in the water body, so it often needs to be cleaned.

  Some fish buyers told reporters that the reason why guppies are popular is largely because of their gentle and lively temperament, they will not fight with other fish, and are suitable for polyculture with some non-aggressive fish;The selectivity is not great, egg yolk, steamed bread residue, etc. can be fed, but it is best to feed live bait such as fish and nematodes during artificial breeding; at the same time, it does not have high requirements for water quality and water temperature, and it is very easy to feed and survive.

  After choosing the guppy, the next step is the problem of bait.Guppies do not have high requirements for bait, and generally daphnia, hydatid or compound pellet feed can be used.

  The function of the biochemical ball and the ceramic ring is to serve as a carrier for cultivating beneficial bacteria. In professional terms, it is to cultivate biofilms, mainly to cultivate a sufficient number of beneficial bacteria to decompose the toxic ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in the water body into non-toxicNitrate.

  There are two commonly used drugs for disease prevention and disinfection. The first is table salt. Table salt is relatively safe, effective, and convenient.Add 100-300 grams per 10 kilograms of water to make 1-3% concentration of brine, disinfect for about 5-20 minutes, the bath time depends on the temperature of the water, and it can kill most germs and parasites.

  (10) Food bucket: prevent fish food from floating on the water surface, which is conducive to predation of fish.It can also prevent fish food from falling into the water and drilling into the water plants, making the water grass sand black and deteriorating the water quality.

  The hardness of water is determined by the content of calcium, magnesium and iron salts in the water.Divided into hard water, soft water and neutral well water, spring water is mostly hard water; tap water and river water are mostly neutral water; rainwater is soft water.Neutral water should be used for the cultivation of tropical fish, but the tap water in the city basically meets the requirements of tropical fish life, but because water plants often add some chemical components of disinfectants and purifiers when processing water, this water often contains ⒘ KangMu Rong

  Guppy is a small tropical ornamental fish, generally 3 to 5 cm in length, petite and exquisite, swimming vigorously and lively, colorful body.It is mainly produced in Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana and the West Indies in South America. According to its different characteristics, it is divided into common guppies, swallowtail guppies, long-tail guppies, piano guppies and yellow guppies.

  Your fish tank is suitable for common large and medium-sized fish such as arhat, map, blood parrot, and colorful.Arhats, maps, and blood parrots are relatively easy to keep.Novices should pay attention to: 1, picking lively and hyperactive, large size, and fierce prey.2. Blood parrots and colorful can keep about 10, but colorful fish is not good.Arhats and maps can have two or one each, because they are particularly edible, and the water in the tank will deteriorate quickly.3. It takes at least 30 minutes for the water to go home. Put the fish and the bag together in the tank. Wait for more than 10 minutes. When the water temperature in the bag and the tank is the same, add the water in the tank to the bag.Add it again after more than 10 minutes, and remove the fish from the bag and put it in the fish tank after more than 10 minutes.4. Feed less in the past few days, and slowly increase the feeding until the level of "finish 5 minutes once a day, 2 times 3 minutes each time".There are also many things to pay attention to, such as sun drying and other issues, not listed one by one.

  Newly purchased tropical fish will often carry germs or parasites, because the disease is lighter, and there are no obvious symptoms. It is not easy to detect when buying. If you do not use drug treatment and put it directly in the fish tank, it will be 2-3 days fast, slowThen it will occur within 1 to 2 weeks, and even cause death.Even if the newly purchased tropical fish is healthy, it can sometimes cause fish body injuries and bacterial infections through catching and transportation by road.Therefore, disease prevention and disinfection of newly purchased tropical fish is an important task.

  In general, the principle of selecting guppies is no different from buying other fish. It only requires no abnormalities in the body surface, no wounds, no damage to the fin limbs, no tightening of the fins, no white hairs and white spots., Have the desire to eat, respond quickly, and it is best to choose individuals who are not injured or killed in the entire cylinder.However, one of the key points of purchasing guppies is that in the selection of male guppies, male individuals with large individuals, large caudal fins, and stretched and active swimming should be selected as much as possible. Guppies are usually bought two to three months old.

  4. Diseases—Tropical fish are sick for many reasons, including infection from purchased sick fish, white spot disease caused by too low temperature, and water quality caused by spoilage of food residue or decomposition of fish waste.
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