Its been a long time since I posted a stream



Its been a long time since I posted a stream

The premise is newly opened at night, and I feel very good now!^o^
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
TeNg00100003 Comment: Yes, I have seen this type of landscaping before
The fishermen in October Comment: A little blank.
Tao Xunjian Comment: Golden section, pay attention to the ratio, just fine
QY-binFen Comment: I also feel that there is more white space, and the sand can be thinned
insect.qq comment: Hahaha.The landlord is great,
thq001 Comment: Everyone has given advice, and the landscaping still has to pursue a sense of balance.Please refer to your opinions.
YaLI comment: No feeling,
____ Long love. Comment: Beautiful~~~~~~~~~~~
vicoho Comment: Space on the left, see where you are at a glance
13635188866 Comment: The soil is planted on the right and there is less grass. The area on the left is larger.
Sell blood raise arowana friends: repeat! The top! :
Sell blood raise arowana fish friend: not also, but to tomorrow first no food a day, after a solar eclipse is can! gill
Sell blood raise arowana fish friend: however, help top! o
Deng4 Fish friend: The price is clear
Ornamental fish
Red red fire fish friend: Ao Shen arowana specialist,
Berowans: Thank you \


My lovely pairfish and tank first update

STONES AQUARIUM 141011 Datnoides Pulcher

24 carat gold arowana fishChili red c328

Young Nice High Quality 6.5 Sianlon Blu

My Betta Corner


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    How much feed does 2000 chickens eat&