Big gold head with colorful blue background



Big gold head with colorful blue background

Dont like to spray, feed too much.belly big.
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A grain of sand, comment: Brother, how much does this fish cost?How long
Amo Comment: Gold is not bad.
Gomeda Comment: Reply @龙儿乖乖: Big Brother. Home every day?
Longer Obedient Comment: Not badHome page.
The Life of chocolate Comment: Not bad Like one
The Life of Chocolate Comment: Good Fish
sheng816 Comment: Yes
LXQ001 Comment: This belly is really big
Zidong Comment: The dragon invited by the old iron
Longer obediently Comment: This dragon is fine.nba伊巴卡pokin
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Dream tank keeping monster fish

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advise pls. can used marine tank use for

Cold or warm water for drip?

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