About Sihai Longyuan Fish Tank for Help



About Sihai Longyuan Fish Tank for Help

Dear seniors, the younger brother has ordered a Sihai Dragon 1.It has been more than 20 days for a 5 meter screen cylinder. I want to buy some filter materials myself, but the tank has not come back. I dont know the size and style of the bottom filter. I cant match the filter material. If it is useful, Sihai Longyuan 1.For the predecessor of the 5 meter fish tank, please tell me what kind of bottom filter, what kind of size, what size do I have with some filter material!Thank you seniors, the more detailed the better!Thank you!

About Sihai Longyuan Fish Tank for Help BLACK DIAMOND ,BD STINGRAY

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  Little handsome 001 Say: Top down.
Yuyou 8016 Say: You just ask the manufacturer how good
Yuyou Xiaolong Say: 10 liters AC 3D beneficial bacteria house, 10 liters AC hollow culture balls, almost, I am buying some filter cotton and biochemical cotton.
Yuyu kurapika3 Say: Then wait for the tank to arrive before buying it, dont worry about those days
Yuyou anson2014 Say: 1 Do not ask the manufacturer or wait to come back and set the filter material.
Fish Friends Gourmet Kitchen 001 Say: 1 Before using the finished cylinder, I will use some general filter
Yuyou zp850621 Say: 1 When the tank comes, add it slowly.
Fish friend ankel Say: 1 I originally wanted to order it, but it didnt seem to be delivered to home. Where did you order it and how much
Fish friend nenugdi Say: It doesnt matter if you buy more cotton, you have to replace it anyway.
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