Zebra duckbillHow to grow Uruguayan crown aquatic plants



Zebra duckbillHow to grow Uruguayan crown aquatic plants

To build a water grass aquarium, pay attention to the rationality of configuration and daily maintenance.After the aquarium landscaping is completed, daily management is very important, otherwise it will lead to abandonment.

  1 Bottom sand: The bottom sand must be sand without limestone, such as quartz sand, the particle size is preferably 3~5 mm, and the thickness of the sand layer is 7~8 cm.The use of limestone with gravel will lead to high pH and affect the life safety of ornamental fish and water plants.If the grit is too small, it will affect the existence and circulation of oxygen in the sand layer, resulting in the inability of aerobic bacteria to survive, and will also cause the roots of the waterweed to rot, eventually leading to the failure of the establishment of the ecological tank.

  2 Illumination: To give proper illumination, the aquatic plants can grow well. Different types of aquatic plants require different illuminances. For general aquatic plants, use three lamps per tank to meet the growth needs.For example, a one-meter-two long grass tank should use three 30-watt plant lamps.The lighting time is about 10 hours of continuous light per day.You should use a timer to fix the daily light time. Never turn it on or off.Because fish and water plants also have life rhythms, breaking their life rhythms can cause discomfort or even get sick.

  3 Filter: Do not clean the filter too diligently, it is better to clean it once every 2 to 3 weeks; nor can you pursue excessive "washing", so you cant use tap water when cleaning, you can only rinse it gently with the water drawn from the aquarium.So as not to destroy the established nitrifying bacteria bed.

  4. Planting aquatic plants: When you first build a tank, you need to choose those aquatic plants with fast growth and low prices to ingest ammonium and nitrate ions in the water as soon as possible, thereby reducing water pollution.After the aquatic plants grow stably, gradually replace the aquatic plants you like.Choose strong plants for aquatic plants, cut off the rotten leaves and roots, and use potassium permanganate for disinfection treatment. Never plant diseased or algae plants in the tank.Also note that there can be no trace of snails.When laying the tank, the entire bottom bed should be filled once, without leaving a blank, so as not to leave room for growth of algae.

  5 Water quality inspection: daily water quality inspection should be done to ensure the stability of water quality, pH, KH, NO2-, etc., if it exceeds the reasonable range, timely corresponding measures should be taken to adjust.Novices especially need to do it.

  6 Carbon dioxide: CO2 can make the water plants grow better. CO2 can be supplied 24 hours or synchronized with the light. It can also be supplied by turning on the lamp half an hour later and turning off the lamp half an hour earlier.What is the content, as long as the pH of the water can be maintained at 6.5-7.Between 5 is suitable.

  7 Water change: insist on changing water once a week to ten days, the amount of water change should be 1/3-1/4.The water temperature should be close to that of the old water. The siphon method can be used to flip the surface layer of the bottom sand with a suction pipe when changing the water.Changing the water should not be too diligent, too diligent will cause too much interference to the fish and water plants, and beneficial bacteria will also be unable to reproduce and develop.Too little water change will cause fish diseases and algae spread.It is said that changing the water every six months can only be a salesmans technique.

  8 Fertilizer: The best way to use aquatic nutrient solution is to add it once a day.Eutrophication in the tank is also a factor that breeds algae. The amount of addition should be based on the actual situation, the variety of water plants, the growth speed and other parameters to determine your own dosage. Generally, it is better not to use less. After a period of use, you can determine the suitableThe best amount of own aquarium.If it feels too troublesome once a day, once a week is fine, but pay attention to the growth status of aquatic plants.It is best to plant aquatic plants that are sensitive to fertilizers to help determine the suitability of the fertilizer (the two types of aquatic plants used by the author are Tasong and Zhongliu).

  9 Number of fish: Fish farming in the aquatic tank must take into account the density of the fish in order to maintain the balance of water-grass-fish.Take 1~1.5 liters of water is suitable for holding fish of 1 cm body length. Excessive amounts of fish will lead to increased waste, which cannot be fully decomposed and absorbed by water plants, and the water quality will deteriorate daily.

  11 Regarding oxygenation: successful aquatic tanks will not be deprived of oxygen. Oxygen consumption can be maintained even at night. Oxygenation will drive away carbon dioxide in the water body, resulting in aquatic plants unable to carry out normal photosynthesis, so the aquatic tank should not be oxygenated.

  12. Reagents: According to the normally maintained aquarium, the fish rarely get sick. The aquarium uses chemical reagents, the less the better, to ensure the good state of the water quality, otherwise chemically contaminated aquatic plants are difficult to grow well, such as new fish quarantine or in the tankThe fish is only sick, it is best to use another small tank to remove the sick fish for treatment, in order to prevent the pesticide from harming the water plants.

  For example, if the quarantine of the new fish or the fish in the tank is only diseased, it is best to use another small tank to remove the sick fish for treatment to prevent the pesticide from harming the water plants.
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