I want to know what guppy this is

I didnt know what kind of variety I just bought, and I want to raise a more pure variety. Which god told me that this is a pure breed?Still hybrid.

  Half pig tail Say: 2 If you dont show up, the fairy wont see.
Yuyou Laopan Say: Given that you are a novice and do not know guppies, you can guess it without a picture, it is a hybrid.
My friend Yuyu is a basil man Say:
I thought it was a bad internet connection Half a pig tail 
If you dont show up, the fairy wont see.
Yuyou ★fox★001 Say: You didnt have the picture, how can I answer?
Yuyou lijicheng521 Say: Forget to add pictures!My friend told me that it is blue and white swallowtail big C playalbino red arowana
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