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Dear fishermen, many fishermen have asked me where to put the lights in private letters in the past two days.Personal suggestion to share, small fish 18 to 30 cm is recommended for ceiling lights.The upper side light is not recommended, as this can prevent eye-dropping.Until 35 cm later, wait for the dragonfish to stabilize in all aspects and then turn on the upper light.This has a low chance of losing your eyes and is also a time to aid in hair color development. For reference only, thanks
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The wind blew through the summer. Comment: Now that Jinlong is a little bit off, what should I do?
Wanda Hair Products Comment: Must measure the light in the morning
S天K天Y Comment: Received
W small muddled fairy Comments: Lighting is only a potential factor for eye droparowana for salearowana for sale bangalore
Star point dragon fish grow up picture&
Red Dragon has been orange for 3 years"
What kind of water is best to keep red arowana!
How much is c4 red dragon skin:
Picture of the practice of fried dragon fish*
Orange Red Dragon Illustration~
What background is red arowana suitable for?@


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round fish tank40 bags of massivore orde

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