God help

God help Chili Red Arowana

  The newly bought fish will be blindfolded when you go home. Your body is red. I dont know how its done. The salt has heated up to 28 degrees. No reaction for 3 days. I dont feel the change[daku]========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  hqqxZjC9 Yuyou said: No blindfold!Blindfold is white eyes
Yang Ziyi Yuyou said: Thank you
Butterfly carp Yuyu said: the oldest, patient, etc.
$~$ Yuyou said: raise the water, get an injection, amikacin
Peter0601 Yuyou said: Most of these problems are caused by poor water quality. You have to change the water frequently. The fish in my family used to be bloodshot and slightly scaled.Much better, the blood is gone, and the standing scale is almost ready
Hobby raising and playing Yuyu said: Why cant you see blindfold?yefvigeratorground
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