What is the registration time for consulting engineers in Zaozhuang City Shandong Province in 2020?



What is the registration time for consulting engineers in Zaozhuang City Shandong Province in 2020?

The registration time for the 2020 consulting engineer exam has not yet been determined. The following is the collated 2019 notice, please refer to it.Construction Engineering Education Network has organized all over the country

  Applicants who meet the requirements can log in to the designated website within the specified time to fill in and submit the application information online, and go through the qualification review and payment procedures in accordance with the relevant regulations. Candidates can take the test at the specified time and place with the admission ticket.(For specific registration arrangements, please refer to the application documents of each province)

  The 2020 preparation course for consulting engineers has been opened!Online schools set different courses for students with various needs.If you just want to learn the basic knowledge points, 9.9 Preparation for refueling is worthwhile and cost-effective; if you want to receive a complete system of teaching, the value-for-money class is perfect for you; if you rely more on the help and guidance of the teaching assistant during the learning process, the efficient experimental class solves the problem for you.Multiple shifts and multiple choices, there is always one for you!

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