All Season Hotel (Linfen Middle Street Branch)



All Season Hotel (Linfen Middle Street Branch)

All Season Hotel (Linfen Middle Street Branch) is a hotel that conceptually upholds the Confucian ideas of "Five Moral Thoughts-Wen, Liang, Gong, Simplified and Easy".Following the ideological vein of traditional Chinese Confucianism:Remove unnecessary elements in the hotel-style design and return to the original intention of use;Use bamboo, pine, wood and large areas of blank space in the hotel space to bring a natural and pure quiet ground to travelers in the troubled city;More effective use of the layout of the room, the concise lines, the extension of the frame, let customers return to the most authentic experience, friendly and comfortable;In terms of service, we advocate peoples needs and moderate enjoyment.?When everything returns to its original essence, the most direct feelings will be truly presented. In design, we hope to create such essences. Returning to true feelings, without highlighting or pretending, everything is so familiar and comfortable.All Seasons Hotel (Linfen Middle Street Branch) is located on Zhongda Street, the core business district of Linfen Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a bus stop 500 meters north and south of the hotel, and has direct access to Linfen West High-speed Railway Station (6.3 km), Linfen Railway Station (4 km) multiple lines.The hotel is adjacent to Binhe Park and Gucheng Park to enrich your business journey, and the surrounding dining and entertainment facilities are all there.The hotel is equipped with all kinds of rooms, and each room is specially equipped with an air disinfection machine, which can effectively remove air pollutants such as formaldehyde, germs, and second-hand smoke in the room, allowing you to be in a pure and comfortable natural space;The water heater can adjust the water quality attributes, improve the taste, effectively remove all kinds of pollutants, and solve the source of health. In addition, the room uses the dream lily memory foam mattress, which is green and environmentally friendly, providing you with a comfortable and healthy uninterrupted deep sleep; the hotel is also equipped withThere is a self-service laundry room and a fully automatic washing machine to provide you with the convenience of traveling laundry.All Season Hotel (Linfen Middle Street Branch) is equipped with a concealed underground parking lot and an open-air parking lot, more than 40 dedicated parking spaces to meet your travel needs, and two multi-functional meeting rooms that can accommodate 20 and 70 people at the same time.Choices, in order to meet the daily needs of guests, the hotel provides a buffet breakfast service, Chinese and Western styles to meet the tastes of various guests, warm and elegant environment, high-quality service, accompany you to spend a beautiful morning; brand new high-quality mid-range hotelThe facilities, the Apple All-in-One in the business area of the lobby and the freshly ground coffee create a relaxing environment for you.Super high-speed free WIFI full coverage, perfect audio-visual experience with 50-inch LCD screen and high-definition set-top box, high-quiet sound insulation system and the application of the exclusive "Yunmeng" mattress created by Jin Keer for the whole season, let you enjoy the fragranceAfter taking a bath, you can sleep all night.?I wish you a pleasant journey throughout the season!
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